Thursday, March 02, 2006

Well Known Musicologist Dr. Price Sings Jazz Lieutenant's Praises!!!

This exemplary combination of biography, chronicle and illustrations of one of "our" great forgotten heroes is perhaps one of the most innovative publications in recent years. The product of meticulous research, strategic assembly and an obvious intimate connection to the life, deeds and legacy of James Reese Europe, R2C2H2 has taken art and scholarship to a place not visited since the days of Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, John Coltrane and most recently Tupac Shakur. I am humble enough to say I learned a great deal from the wealth of research and the rich perspective that [R2C2H2] offers. I really enjoyed learning about sister Mary Europe, I had no idea of that connection nor of her greatness!!! R2C2H2, through his unique aesthetic and independent voice has given us a history lesson in a fashion that no historian could do. Through this book we feel, experience and see the struggles that Lieutenant Europe faced, reveling in his victories while lamenting in his untimely and unfortunate demise. Yet, because of R2C2H2's ability to tell the story that needs to be told, Lieutenant Europe lives. The art adds another dimension as it personalizes [R2C2H2’s] intimate connection with "the jazz lieutenant" offering more than just a book, more than just a pictorial biography, but a magnus opus!!! This is a monumental achievement that is only surpassed by its ability to captivate the reader from cover to cover in a mysterious yet historically correct realm of the past. The book is wonderful, my only regret is that I was unable to unpack it and dive into it when it first arrived... but I was greatly pleased!!!

Emmett G. Price III, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music and African-American Studies
Northeastern University
351 Ryder Hall
Boston, MA 02115-5000
(617) 373-7700 office
(617) 373-4129 fax

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